About us

RiTAB SRL is the holding company of RiTAB Deutschland GmbH, RiTAB CNC SRL and RiTAB Elox SRL.

The RiTAB group developed from a German mechanical engineering company in the automation industry.
With around 50 employees, we are a modern company that places particular emphasis on continuous training of its employees, as well as a modern machine park. With our production site in Romania, we give the local youth in Harghita a future. Here we are part of the local dual education system. With our generous inventory on aluminum raw material, in various qualities from German manufacturers, we saw our own cuts. This gives us high flexibility and fast response times. In addition, we can guarantee the right quality of aluminum. Our modern production software allows us to track every part in the production process and call up the current production status at any time. An ISO 9001 certification shows, that we are up to date with our procedures and processes.

Parts manufacturing

With our modern machine park with 8 CNC milling centers and 2 NC milling machines, components with dimensions of up to 1600 x 1000 x 760 mm can be produced. Our CAD/CAM software enables program creation and processing of existing digital drawing data (STEP). This enables us to implement error-free data transmission from customer data to our machines. Our core competency of CNC milling is supplemented by a wide range of conventional processing machines and other technological processes such as surface processing and coatings. Our own anodizing plant helps us with this. To ensure our quality and innovation standards, we continuously invest in our machinery and in the training of our employees.

Parts finishing

With RiTAB Elox SRL we refine your parts immediately after production. We offer anodizing, anodizing nature, color anodizing and hard anodizing in layer thicknesses between 5-50µm.

Module assembly

In addition, we assemble complete assemblies according to your bills of materials and drawings, of which the parts were manufactured by us. Purchased parts are provided by our customers or procured locally. If necessary, a separate area can be set up to ensure special customer requirements, such as anonymity. If welding work is required, our partner company METEC24 will help out. Pipes are bent there, frames are welded and fixtures are made.


In order to protect the climate and biodiversity, as well as to preserve the planet for future generations, a responsible approach to the environment is very important to us. It is part of our self-image to use natural resources sustainably and with the greatest effectiveness in order to preserve them in the long term.
Our measures range from recycling our aluminum chips and emulsion to our own photovoltaic system, which covers our entire energy consumption.